Cricket 03/06 11:00 - Limpopo Impalas vs Border View
Cricket 03/10 11:00 - Limpopo Impalas vs Northern Cape Heat View
Cricket 03/14 11:00 - Mpumalanga Rhinos vs Limpopo Impalas View
Cricket 03/17 11:00 - Knights vs Limpopo Impalas View
Cricket 03/24 11:00 - Easterns vs Limpopo Impalas View
Cricket 03/27 11:00 - Limpopo Impalas vs South Western District View

Limpopo cricket team, also called the Limpopo Impalas, are a first-class cricket team representing Limpopo, the northernmost province of South Africa. Limpopo Impala Cricket has its headquarters in Polokwane, and the team plays their home games at the Polokwane Cricket Club Ground.